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Wide Tire Self Balancing Electric Scooters

Electric, wide tire freedom.

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OK. Full disclosure. I am not a daredevil. I feel “no need for speed”, I have never been fast or furious. What I love is freedom, an open road and the promise of what is around the next bend. Our new scooter rental company, Indigo Scooters, DELIVERS this experience. Picture yourself cruising Central Avenue, exploring the waterfront on a KAASpeed scooter. Sit down in comfort, the ease of ELECTRIC, wide tires (9.5 inches, the widest in its category) provide stability (anyone can ride) and a lightweight frame (the scooter is 93 pounds all in) so everyone can handle it. Easy, fun, nimble and dang it, these suckers are SEXY. Speeds up to 25 MPH with 40 miles of range per charge.

Explore St Petersburg, check out our shops, restaurants, murals and music. Parking is easy with a SCOOTER. Easy in and out. Rentals are available NOW at MariJean Hotel at 2355 Central Ave, St. Petersburg. Rent, explore our beautiful city, we love it and we know you will too.

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  1. Indigo Scooters are offering a new level of freedom with their electric, wide tire scooters. These innovative scooters provide an eco-friendly and convenient alternative mode of transportation, while their unique design allows for a smooth and stable ride. With a range of up to 38 miles and top speeds of 25 mph, these scooters are perfect for short commutes and leisurely rides. Indigo Scooters are revolutionizing the way we think about transportation and making it easier for people to get around in a sustainable way.

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