Indigo Scooters

Wide Tire Self Balancing Electric Scooters

Q: Scooter is not easy to turn

A: This scooter has a special self-balancing feature. The standard rear tire has a flat profile with more surface contact area. To make the turn easier, the rider’s body should […]

Q: How to replace tires?

A: The tires are standard size used for ATVs and lawn mower tractors. You could purchase the tires and DIY by following YouTube video clips. Or, you could go to shops to […]

Q: How to charge battery?

A: You can plug the charger either to scooter’s charging port or to the battery (make sure to plug in the right direction). The light on charger will turn into […]

Q: My scooter has no power

A: Check if battery is charged. Check if battery cable is plugged in the battery compartment (make sure battery cable is plugged in the right direction). Check the on/off button […]