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Indigo Scooters at Skyway Pet Day: A Pawsitively Successful Saturday Shoppes Event

In the beautiful coastal city of St. Petersburg, Florida, electric scooters have become a popular and eco-friendly way for locals and tourists to explore the sights and sounds. At Indigo Scooters, we’re the leading provider of electric scooters for rent. We recently took part in the Saturday Shoppes – Skyway Pet Day event at the Skyway Marina District. We’re thrilled to report that it was an outstanding success! Our team showed up with our Kaaspeed electric scooters and invited people to take them for a spin. The event was jam-packed with activities, contests, pet pools, and of course, adorable pets.

The Pawsome Event

At Indigo Scooters, we love pets just as much as we love sustainable transportation. That’s why we were excited to participate in Skyway Pet Day and introduce more people to the joys of electric scooters. Our booth, adorned with Indigo Scooters banners and vibrant decorations, was a welcoming addition for guests with our friendly team and rows of shiny, electric scooters.

Throughout the day, we offered free test rides on our scooters, providing an opportunity for visitors to experience the smooth and effortless ride that our electric scooters are known for. Our team was on hand to explain the simple rental process, safety guidelines, and share tips for getting the most out of an Indigo Scooter experience. We also handed out promotional materials and sold Indigo Scooters merchandise.

The Indigo Scooters Difference

One of the key reasons for our success at Skyway Pet Day was our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. Our team greeted each guest with a warm smile and was eager to answer any questions about our scooters. We pride ourselves on offering scooters that are not only environmentally friendly but also safe and easy to use. This combination of top-quality products and exceptional customer service ensured that our booth remained busy and buzzing with activity throughout the event.

About the Saturday Shoppes

The Saturday Shoppes is the brainchild of Renee Edwards. The vision of the Shoppe is to create economic development opportunities for emerging businesses through our fast growing monthly markets.

Renee is passionate about ensuring the development and success of all Saturday Shoppes participants. Edwards has also founded the Saturday Shoppes Academy to provide business coaching, business etiquette, resources, marketing, and licensure that would allow hobby vendors to grow their business and income.

Her goal is simple: she would like to ensure that every vendor is able to pay their largest monthly expense through sales from the Saturday Shoppes. The Saturday Shoppes has a low cost vendor fee that enables vendors of all size to have exposure by creating a large market presence. The Shoppe vendors are offered guidance along their journey to help guarantee success. Edwards has demonstrated a proven model for success with her own businesses and is now using her acquired knowledge to benefit over 150 vendors monthly.

Check out Indigo Scooters’ profile on The Saturday Shoppes business directory We love the Saturday Shoppes and Renee! Thanks again for setting up this awesome event.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Skyway Pet Day and showed their support for Indigo Scooters and all the other local vendors that participated.

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