Indigo Scooters

Wide Tire Self Balancing Electric Scooters

Scooter love starts small and then hits you hard. Our journey started simply, a 2020 move to the beach and a desire to explore without the inconvenience of a car.

A Cali trip got us thinking electric with wide tires. And then after some searching, we found the answer KAASpeed. Sleek, sexy, design forward, self standing, quiet electric…this scooter turns heads and HEARTS.

We wondered….why aren’t more people riding this beauty? Turns out, our region needed a dealer and as they say…HISTORY.

Lean in and explore what’s around the corner on a KAASpeed. Leave your car in the driveway, embrace freedom, be present and let the wind blow in your face. Scooter hair? No one cares.

Ride KAASpeed.

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Frances, Cyndi, Indigo & Riley